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The position of the Chief is to oversee final decisions made to council regarding band council resolutions

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Roy Fabian


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Roy Fabian’s goal is to have the Katlodeeche First Nation strive to regain its self determination by promoting strong first nations governance with an effective administration and program staff. Business wise KFN needs to separate business from politics and operate all our business ventures with strong business principle and leadership. We have to be in business strictly for profit and allow the First Nations Administration to address the social issues as required.


Roy Fabian was born in Hay River, Old Village in the Nursing Station in January 1951. Roy lived his childhood out on the land in the Buffalo Lake area until he was 9 years old. He attended school sporadically until age 9 when his father built a house in Hay River. His family moved to Hay River and he and his older brother and younger sister began attending school regularly. Sadly Roy never went out on the land after this.

Except for three years that he was in residential school he attended the Hay River Federal Day School. He dropped out of school and took upgrading to get his grade 12.

He was trained for two years as an Adult Educator Trainee and got his certificate to teach as an Adult Educator in 1975. In 1978 he began training as a Band Manager Trainee and gained his certificate as a Band Manager in April 1980. He worked for a few years as Band Manager and was elected into the position as Vice President South for the Dene Nation. He returned to Hay River Reserve and worked as Economic Development Coordinator from 1985 to 1988.

Roy Fabian was elected to his first tenure as Chief for Katlodeeche First Nation in 1988. During this tenure Roy Lobbied and was successful in having the Government of the NWT agree to build an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centre. The treatment centre was built in 1992 and after some training, Roy ran the Treatment Centre as Executive Director for five years.


Sub Chief- Fred Martel

Pat Martel-Councillor

Robert Lamalice-Councillor

Jeanna Graham-Councillor